About Us

SBE Visa & Institute was established under the parent company i.e. SBJ Professionals Pvt. Ltd . with the aim of providing quality, precised advice at an affordable terms to all those seeking a new life in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, U.S.A, Ireland, Singapore & many EUROPEAN Countries. SBE team is comprised of dedicated professionals at our offices. We have a number of years of professional experience in the migration & overseas education field. We provide the most transparent, honest and efficient services network for prospective students and clients.

In addition the company provides a web counseling services to students around the world, who do not have easy access to any of our offices. With a professionally trained and highly skilled staff members, SBE constitutes a strong team that is experienced and has been involved in this field for many years.Thus at all times, clients are placed under the expert guidance of these professionals, making the entire process effortless and stress free.

Why Choose SBE ?

With the expertise and in depth knowledge about International Education &  Migration Solutions, we offer you the best possible solutions for it and best in education by the top rated universities and colleges all around the world. SBE  represents more than 200+ institutes/colleges/universities in various countries. We offer simple yet in depth support for all our customers to reach their destinations successfully at different places in India and Overseas.

We hope that we help you to start your career in best country and create excellence for you.