Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is the chance to take advantage of one of the lowest costs of living in the developed worUntitled-1 copyld. In New Zealand you will find plenty of fresh food and vegetables at a reasonable price with variety from all over the globe. Transport and accommodation are also reasonably priced offering many options for international students when it comes to travel and location.

International students choose New Zealand for many different reasons, however some of the main deciding factors that we hear from our students are:

-Having a smaller population means less crowds, students report lower class sizes and generally a feeling of more space.

-New Zealand’s education system is recognized around the world and offers qualifications on a par with many of the world’s other great providers of education such as Australia, UK, USA and Canada.

-Having one of the developed world’s lowest costs of living means that tuition costs, and living expenses will be lower for any international students wanting to take advantage of New Zealand’s life style.

-Diverse mix of cultures and people, having such a mix of people and cultures gives any international student a welcome feeling and makes it much easier to integrate into society.

-If you love adventure then you will love New Zealand. Offering some of the world’s top adventure tourism attractions, making for plenty of fun try Bungee Jumping or Paragliding when on a study break.

-New Zealand has a reputation for being a very safe country with a low crime rate.

-Despite having a small population New Zealand has adapted quickly to new technologies with internet access being readily available to all and smart phones, PC’s and Tablets now common place.

Living and studying in New Zealand will provide any prospective student with the skills and qualifications they need to move forward with their chosen career.  But most importantly you will also receive a valuable life experience that will give skills and experience that you can draw upon for the rest of your life.

Cost of Education:
· Undergraduate degree: NZ$ 18,000 – NZ$ 25,000 per year

· Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma: NZ$ 10,000 – NZ$ 20,000 per year

· Post –graduate Degree: NZ$ 20,000 – NZ$ 30,000

· Estimated Living Expenses: NZ$10,000-NZ$ 12,000 P.A

Largest choice of New Zealand Universities & Colleges
• Abacus Institute of Studies
• Auckland University of Technology
• Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
• Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT)
• Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT)
• International Aviation Academy of New Zealand
• International College of Auckland
• International College of Linguistics (ICL)
• Linguis International Institute
• Making Futures Happen Learning Academy (MFH)
• Massey University
• National Technology Institute (NTEC)
• Nelson Marlborough Institute of technology (NMIT)
• New Zealand Career College Limited (NZCC)
• New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA)
• New Zealand School of Education (NZSE)
• New Zealand Tertiary College Ltd (NZTC)
• North Shore International Academy (NSIA)
• North Tec
• Otago Polytechnic
• Queens Academic Group
• The Professional Bar & Restaurant School
• Unitec Institute of Technology
• Universal college of learning(UCOL)
• University of Canterbury
• University of Waikato
• UUNZ Institute of Business
• Waiariki Institute of Technology
• Wellington Institute of Technology(WELTEC)
• Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki
• Whitireia NZ
• Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology)