There is always a new world to explore in slovenia. The Mediterranean Island offers a perfect blend of beauty and education. slovenia hyperbolizes the term of East meets West as it offers a wide range of higher education courses which are globally recognized. Globalisation has resulted in the reshaping of the economies of all countries. The continuous development of technology in higher education has become an important factor that leads to the growth of an individual, group and the state. Thus the education system of slovenia constitutes the most significant level of education and learning and is directly linked to ones overall development.

Educational Qualifications:
Minimum qualification – 12th pass
English Requirement:
Basic Knowledge of English
Documents for Visa:
Police Clearance certificate from passport office Medical
All the documents should be apostille
Financial Requirements:
Bank statement showing a balance of Rs. 6 lakhs (1 day old)
Academic Requirements:
Please connect to office for details